Texas Engineering World Health

A project-based organization providing medical solutions for the developing world


Texas Engineering World Health works on medical projects for the developing world. Each year we work on a different project and submit it to the Engineering World Health Competition. We work on researching the prevalent problems that need solutions and we look into making the idea financially feasible for hospitals in the developing world. Lastly, we create a prototype that encompasses engineering skills from all different engineering fields.

This year, we are working on three different projects:
1] Malaria Detection,
2] Ultrasonic Vision for the blind, and
3] Solar-powered autoclave

Current & Past Projects

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Setup Before Workshops

For Arduino:

For Mechanical Design:

  • Make a student account for Fusion 360 and follow the steps to download

For Machine Learning:

  • Download the Anaconda package for Python/R data science and machine learning


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Contact Info

The best way to contact us is by email. Our email is austin.tewh@gmail.com